Martin Booe

Professional writing services, ghostwriting, copy writing based in Los Angeles.

"I lived in and wrote about Los Angeles for the entire decade of the 1990s for the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and numerous other publications, covering the city from various and frequently skewed angles. Gang wars, taxi dance clubs, rock star murderers. I had an eye for the skewed. "

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"My only real accomplishment as a journalist was a moral victory: I somehow made a living as a freelance writer for magazines and newspapers in the waning days of print. Rungs of the career ladder were splitting as fast as I could get a foot onto them and the internet was finishing the job that television had begun almost 50 years before. I’m no saint; I did this under the false anticipation that it would all lead to some more coherent way of making a living.

"Maybe it will one day! 

Publication scheduled for October, 2018