Martin Booe

Professional writing services, ghostwriting, copy writing based in Los Angeles.

About Me

In my three decades as a writer and editor, I’ve learned that what appears on the page (or screen) is merely the tip of a very large iceberg. In business settings, a professional writer is a professional problem solver, and that’s truer now than it ever has been. A writer knows how to listen closely and carefully— and to listen for what hasn’t been said as much as what is. A writer must probe, ask questions, analyze and synthesize information. In the process, new areas of opportunity are discovered, hidden problems are uncovered, and not infrequently, the original mission is re-covered. Then, when it’s time to communicate, the message is on point and delivered in a voice that organically connects source to audience.

During my years as a journalist, writer, and editorial consultant, I’ve interviewed and worked with CEOs and other C-Suite executives, Nobel laureates, researchers, philanthropists, and celebrities, often parsing highly complex subject matter for mainstream audiences. As the ghost writer of three published books, one of them a New York Times bestseller, I’ve channeled the voices of notable people into vivid and compelling narratives.

My years of navigating the demands of daily journalism taught me to master unfamiliar realms of subject matter almost instantly and to write under pressure. My areas of expertise include healthcare and medicine, business, psychology, the culinary arts, and popular culture. Whether the need is for a speech, web content, press release, or manuscript consultation, I bring to the table a natural flair for storytelling, a deft sense of humor, and plenty of creativity.