Martin Booe

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"The reason that people sing songs for other people is because they want to have the power to arouse empathy, to break free of the narrow shell of the self, and share their pain and joy with others. This is not an easy thing to do, of course."     

                            --Haruki Murakami, The Wind Up Bird Chronicles


Martin Booe is a guitarist of impressive mastery and a singer whose raspy baritone calls to mind a cross between Nick Cave and Neil Young.

His songwriting draws from a deep well of classic Americana song craft, encompassing acoustic blues, contemporary and traditional Celtic music and seventies folk-rock perennials. 

The master of numerous finger-picking styles from blues and Celtic traditions, Booe can shift easily from heart-felt pub-crawl classics like Richard Thompson's "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" to the pure Delta twang of Mississippi Fred McDowell's "Drop Down Mama" played with true bottleneck wizardry. 

But Booe's growing numbers of cult-followers know that's just the warm-up. It's when he combines his own  rollicking, moody songwriting with his highly original guitar style that a soothing blues chill wafts into the room. That's "chill" as in lower your blood pressure, because there's nothing but warmth in Booe's welcoming and gathering delivery. 

Then there's the storytelling...

Whether out front as the entertainer or in the background as musician, Martin Booe can tune a room to its optimal emotional comfort level. 

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Check out my soundcloud playlist, "Booe's Blues," below for solo acoustic recordings.