Martin Booe

Professional writing services, ghostwriting, copy writing based in Los Angeles.

"The reason that people sing songs for other people is because they want to have the power to arouse empathy, to break free of the narrow shell of the self, and share their pain and joy with others. This is not an easy thing to do, of course."     

                            --Haruki Murakami


Martin Booe is a guitarist of impressive mastery and a singer whose raspy baritone calls to mind a cross between Nick Cave and Neil Young. His songwriting draws from a deep well of classic Americana song craft, encompassing acoustic blues, contemporary and traditional Celtic music and seventies folk-rock perennials. He performs frequently in the Los Angeles area.

Martin is also a veteran journalist as well as a practical storyteller, tech writer and digital strategist who recently has worked with Sparrow Quantum, The BioCollective and His byline has appeared in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine, Cosmopolitan and many other publications. A collection of his journalism in the nineties will soon be published as an eBook.

He currently writes on numerous themes including fitness, Buddhism and recovery.